Movies: Spidey keeps it casual in a Nike tracksuit in new images from the Spider-Man reboot set. If I didn't know any better, I'd worry this was somebody's confused grandpa wandering into traffic. [ComicBookMovie]

Art: Old school cutaways of the Fantastic Four's crib are going to feel a whole lot emptier without that dead member I won't name. [Boing Boing]

Creators: Cartoonist Jason blogs some Paul Newman movie reviews that may provide some insights into his own comic book thinking. [The Beat]

Toys: The brick toy TARDIS you've always wanted is finally on its way from CB. Imagination is probably required to make it big enough on the inside to fit the Doctor and Amy Pond figures in it, though. [Tomopop]

Reinventing Comics: Behold a prototype for a "laterally plotted freeform 3D comic in the shape of an icosahedron." Let's hope the 20-sided shape makes it into the production stage soon. [Maison Immonen]

Art: Beasts of Burden artist Jill Thompson puts her spin on Archie Comics characters Betty and Jughead. Archie, please just hire her now, would you? [Robot6]

For Real: Turns out the founder of the X-Men drives a Jeep. [Reddit]

Toys: Hot Toys' Thor movie collectible appears to have been forged by forged by mythological blacksmiths, judging from its Asgardian authenticity. [Marvelousnews]

?: Just go with it. [Pizza Party]

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