TV: "Pushing Daisies" director Barry Sonnenfeld is developing an unnamed TV comedy series for ABC about a harried mother who finds a superpowered suit and becomes a "supermom."

Retro: Remember Marvel Mania, the Marvel Comics-themed restaurant from the 90s? Jonah Weiland of CBR does.

Movies: It's comic book documentary time! There's a Youtube trailer online for "Comic Book Literacy," a 2010 film that explores the power of comics as an educational tool, with cameos from Joe Quesada, Scott McCloud, Paul Dini, Art Spiegelman, Francoise Mouly, and Gail Simone. Warning: The trailer contains liberal use of Comic Sans.

There's also another comics documentary called "Dig Comics" that is supported by BSG's Edward James Olmos and hopes to encourage a more mainstream audience to pick up comics. It screens on Saturday at LA's Meltdown Comics, and the trailer is here.

Science: "Dawn of the Dead" was right! An Italian physicist explains why that the mall really is the best place to hide from zombies.

Webcomics: Kevin Church and Ming Doyle launch "The Loneliest Astronauts" (rim shot), their new webcomic about two space explorers stranded in an alien solar system. On a similar note, check out this amazing piece of alternate reality history, a speech written for Nixon in case the first astronauts on the moon were unable to return and died there.

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