If you had told me yesterday that there were people who read and/or watched The Walking Dead and came away from it thinking "you know, we should try eating brains, I bet that is a really good idea," then I would have called you a dope and walked away from that conversation as soon as I could. And yet, the Internet has proven, as it always does, that I am the real dope here. Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewing Co. has created a new beer flavored with brains. Actual brains. Actual, literal, roasted brains.

To be fair, they're goat brains and not human, but I'm not actually sure that makes it a whole lot better. Besides, there's cranberry in this stuff, and that's just gross.

Those of you with more adventurous palates in and around Philly, however, The beer, called "Walker" (not to be confused with my own Karate-themed microbrew, Texas Ranger) will be available for a limited time, starting this Sunday, March 30, to coincide with the season finale of The Walking Dead TV series.

In addition to the brains, which I cannot stress enough, is for really reals you guys -- and the cranberry (gross), the Walker beer is an American Pale Stout that clocks in at 7.2% alcohol by volume, which will be handy in blunting the sensation that you are drinking something flavored by grey matter and cranberry. My question is this, though: What if it's good? What if you drink it, and it's so good that you can't get enough, and soon you realize that the cranberry (gross) and the hops and such are just blunting the taste of what you really like: the roasted goat brains. And then you realize that you don't know where to get a goat in the middle of Philadelphia but you do know where you can get lots and lots and lots of brains, from the people all around you. And you don't even have to roast them. They're just there, waiting to be clawed out and shoved into your waiting bloody maw. What if this is how it starts?!


Dock Street Beer The Walking Dead Brains
Dock Street Brewing Co.


Good job, Dock Street Brewing Co. You just caused an apocalypse.


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