I'm not really a beer drinker, but that has never stopped any of my friends who do enjoy the bitter taste of malt and hops from trying to convince me to give it a shot. "Oh, this one's pretty sweet, it's like chocolate" they'll say, giving me something that doesn't taste anything like a milkshake, or "it's an acquired taste." I have never acquired it, but really, if they actually wanted to get me interested in beer, they should've probably told me there's one out there that comes with a story by two dudes who did that issue of Ghost Rider about demonic truckers.

That, at least, is the strategy currently being employed by Chicago's Arcade Brewery, who have released a new six-pack called Festus Rotgut Black Wheat Ale, in which the labels tell a six-part story by Jason Aaron (Scalped, Thor) and Tony Moore (Fear Agent, Deadpool, The Walking Dead).

The beer and its accompanying zombie western tale will only be available in six locations in Chicago, so if you're curious about the long-awaited marriage of sequential art and microbrews, you may want to book a ticket to O'Hare and check out Arcade's website to see just where you can grab them.

Personally, I think I'm going to wait for the trade.


Festus Rotgut Beer by Arcade Brewery


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