Teasers: Who is the young psychic Texan staying safe through one of the deadliest periods in Earth's history? That's what the B.P.R.D. wants to find out.. [Dark Horse]

Movies: Is the Ghost Rider movie sequel going to introduce Danny Ketch? New set photos seem to hint so. [MTV Splash Page]

Shopping: Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be in our rear-view mirror, but The Comics Reporter's shopping list is so good, you may as well just hold onto it through the holidays for all of your gift-giving needs. [TCR]

Video: Marvels' new web show, The Watcher, is being teased with a new introductory video staring host Grace Randolph. But why does the theme song sound so wonderfully familiar (*cough*)? [Marvel]

Toys: Green Lantern and Sinestro face off in an upcoming DC Universe Classics box set chock full of crazy translucent constructs and a delightful merged green/yellow lantern. [Toynewsi]

Art: Following up on last weeks' minimalist super heroes, artist Fabian Glez has taken to distilling the essence of their villainous counterparts. [The Daily What]

Video: We live in a splendid age when artists can pretty easily broadcast themselves at work on a whim, but there's something extra special about seeing Little Nemo creator Winsor McCay at work nearly 100 years ago.

Eats: If, like me, you see the cold void of space when you stare into the surface of heated non-stick griddles, you will likely love these Star Wars pancake cooking tools. [Thatsnerdalicious]

Arts and Crafts: Provided you can craft amigurumi like a champ (or just want to try something ambitious) then this Sonic sackboy tutorial is definitely for you. The rest of us can merely look on with jealousy in our hearts.. [Kotaku]

Art: Boba Font is a typographer's dream come true. Artist Fabian Gonzalez illustrated this bad boy... to the letter! Haw! [Boing Boing]

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