Incredible Edibles: We've seen our share of superhero eats, but this tower of characters takes the... cake!. HAW! (please forgive me) [Great White Snark]

Industry: DC Comics has promoted Bob Wayne to SVP, Sales. His new role will include overseeing digital sales and all international distribution in addition to supervising direct market and bookstore sales. [The Source]

Novels: Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" is shambling from comics to an AMC TV show to a new book trilogy. [io9]

Conventions: This is what happens when the Mushroom Kingdom crash lands in NYCC. I don't know how I missed these guys at the show, but I'm a little sad I did. [DrCoolSex]

Movies: Vivid Entertainment's "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody" directed by Axel Braun is now the award-winning "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody." You can, uh, Google the NightMoves Awards yourself. [CBR]

Toys: Vinyl toy customizer ZAM transforms two Munnys into the original Heroes For Hire Power Man and Iron Fist. [ToysREvil]

Art: Neil Gaiman's doodles from the recent strategic planning meeting with the CBLDF are now up for auction on eBay. [CBLDF]

Zuh-Fwah?!: It looks like the BBC is shaking up "Doctor Who" lore in an upcoming episode of "The Sarah Jane Smith" adventures. Turns out The Doctor can regenerate a lot more than just 13 times. That's one way to extend a series. [Guardian]

Art: H. Coldwell Tanner casts traffic signals in a whole new lanterny light. [Loldwell]

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