TV: AMC renews "The Walking Dead" for a second season months before its first episode airs this Halloween. [The Flick Cast]

Legal: The New York Times reveals the late Harvey Pekar's legacy is under dispute. [The Beat]

Music: Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys talks about his time as a British Marvel Comics editor. [Beaucoup Kevin]

Webcomics: "Ninja" creator Brian Chippendale has an NSFW ongoing webcomic called "Puke Force," which so far has been about internet porn and Wii Bowling. [Picturebox]

Art: James Hance imagines "Star Wars" characters as part of A.A. Milne's "Winnie the Pooh" universe. [Boing Boing]

Gaming: The new Maxwell controls in "Super Scribblenauts" are a dream come true for fans of the original title. [Joystiq]

Creators: Jeff Lemire's workspace is a sight to behold. I for one, am jealous of his custom Gus doll.

Hollywood: Marvel's "Runaways" film is slated to begin shooting in March of 2011. [io9]

Interviews: Hope Larson talks about her "Wrinkle in Time" adaptation, and her upcoming magical girl comic. [Robot 6]

One of the hardest things about doing graphic novels is having to sit on them for so long, absolutely. I wasn't even allowed to say I was working on A Wrinkle in Time for months, and that was a miserable time! There I was, plugging away, working on this project every day, and to anyone else it seemed like I wasn't doing anything. It's probably the reason I'm so active on twitter. "Yes, hello, here I am, drawing comics! Writing comics! Please don't forget about me!"

Indie: Jason does his best rendition of Batman, Darth Maul, and... something for a comic shop in Oslo. [Cats and Dogs]

Home Furnishing: Guess who's showing up at the local Pottery Barn? Batman! [Pottery Barn]

Conventions: SPX '10 announces its programming schedule. [The Beat]

: Gabrielle Bell recalls an encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Michel Gondry, at San Diego Comic-Con in the newest installment of a comic about her time at the show. []

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