Thor The Dark World Photoshop Loki poster

Movies: Thanks to Photoshop, Thor and Loki finally get that brotherly Thor: The Dark World embrace Tumblr has been dying for... and it's somehow ended up in a Shanghai movie theater. [Reddit]


Video:  Podtoons digs into Batman's secret identity issues in "Batman is a Terrible Liar." [Above Average]


Batman Superman Robin
WB/The Batman

Movies: Is a Robin being cast for Batman vs. Superman role? [ScreenCrush]


Anime: Dragon Ball Z is back on Blu-ray on December 31, featuring an all new restoration of the show's original footage. [ANN]


Man of Steel Infographic

Movies: A special Man of Steel infographic breaks down the history of Krypton in time for the film's November 12 Blu-ray release. [LearnAboutKrypton]


Movies: A trailer for next summer's New Initial D animated feature sees cars race to cheery tunes. [Crunchyroll]

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