Attractions: The Walking Dead obstacle course from San Diego Comic-Con 2013 could be headed for a city near you. [EW]


Art: St. Marks Comics' One Shot Gallery will host a rotating "Great Villains of Gotham" art installation beginning Februrary 1st. [One Shot]


Plush: You've never truly rested until you've slept on the Snorlax pillow. Just keep the Pokéflutes away for a spell. [Crunchyroll]


The CW

TV: What'd you think of Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul and Deathstroke on last night's Arrow? [ScreenCrush]



Toys: Human-scale versions of Macross gunpods now available for about a grand from Arcadia. [ANN]


Toys: Mega Man's Kidrobot look continues to be teased care of a new poster. [KR]