Movies: Sebastian Stan's robo arm shines on the latest Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster. [ScreenCrush]


Music: Diffuser runs down 10 of the best songs inspired by Batman. [Diffuser]


TV: The CW introduces fans to the first live action incarnation of The Suicide Squad in a new extended Arrow promo. [ScreenCrush]


attack on titan soundtrack

Anime: The Attack on Titan soundtrack is now available on iTunes, with a physical media release planned this summer. [ANN]


Ultraman Ginga group

Tokusatsu: A new trademark suggests that Tsuburaya Productions' next Ultraman project will be called Ultraman Victory. [JEFusion]


Video: Marvel teases some of what it has in store for its 75th anniversary. Probably comics, if I had to take a guess. [Marvel Entertainment]

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