Customs: The Dudes Factory become Masters of the customizing Universe with this Trap Jaw nutcracker. [Toycutter]

Toys: Mezco has announced an upcoming line of Breaking Bad merchandise, including action figures. [AFI]

Movies: If you weren't into "Fred J. Dukes" in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, behold the Blob design that could have been by Studio ADI. [SHH]

Gaming: Players can now adventure as Captain America in Avengers Initiative. [Marvel]

Movies: The first look at the upcoming live action Gatchaman movie sees the cast... sort of suit up. [Crunchyroll]

Gaming: From now until January 16, 2013, Sony is offering "30-days of non-recurring Legendary Membership to all former DC Universe Online subscribers, on both PC and PS3." [DCUO]

Movies: Ben Affleck has made it totally clear that he was never actually in the running to direct or star in a Justice League movie... again. [HitFix]

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