Upcoming: Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle have been announced as the official duo behind Boom! Studios' monthly Steven Universe comic, which kicks off this summer. [Coleman Engle]


Video: "Mad X-Men: Don Draper's Future Past" sees Marvel's Merry Mutants attempt to save their future from an ad man's self-destructive behavior. [Quiznos] [Seriously, Quiznos makes viral videos now?]


Shiro Miwa Winter Soldier Godzilla
Shiro Miwa at https://twitter.com/zi38

Art: Shiro Miwa's Godzilla and Captain America: The Winter Soldier fan art is a stroke above. [Shiro Miwa]


Carsplay: Joslyn Paige transforms and rolls out in his custom Bumblebee suit. [io9]


Art: Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin's "Neo Lucida" brings the camera lucida to the present day. [Gizmodo]


Medicom MAFEX Joker The Dark Knight

Toys: Medicom's upcoming MAFEX figure of the Joker from The Dark Knight is so seriously sculpted. [Ameblo]

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