Toys: NYCC attendees will be able to get their hands on a Stan Lee Funko Pop! Vinyl figure at Booth #1274. [Marvelousnews]

TV: The prison is under siege in the latest promo for The Walking Dead season 4. [AMC]


Video: Hauke Scheer's Mechawhales is finally online in all its animated glory. [ToysREvil]


Toys: Play Imaginative showed off quite a few of its upcoming wares at STGCC, including Super Alloy figures of The Flash and Cyborg (around the 2:28 mark). [PI]


Video: Neil Cicierega's "Ariel Needs Legs" gets the motion comic treatment, featuring the vocal talents of Ming Doyle. [Neilblr]



GIFS: Gotta... twerk 'em all? [Kotaku]

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