Gaming: You don't need a cape or a Legion Flight Ring to soar the skies in Grand Theft Auto V, just a special code. [Kotaku]


Gaming: The new TV ad from Japan gives fans their first look at the Attack on Titan: Last Wings of Humanity 3DS game in action. [ANN]


Music: Matt Raub and Jason Inman parody Ylvis' "The Fox" with the '90s X-Men animated series and its merry mutants in mind. [The Mary Sue]


Gaming: The first English trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is... totally Dragon Ball Z-y. [NamcoBandaiGames]



Video: Bat-Dad teaches his children in full Bale fashion. [io9]



Toys: An Iron Man Mk VI armor S.H. Figuarts figure is set to arrive in Japan this November. [ToyArk]

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