Art: Vice presents the original illustrations of 24 artists inspired by "Where the Wild Things Are."

Idiots: Guys, did you know that shortly after Al Gore invented the internet and John McCain invented the Blackberry, actor slash R&B star Tyrese invented "the first-ever digital comic book [on iTunes] in the history of comic books?" (CNN)

Movies: Ryan Reynolds talks to Jimmy Fallon about Green Lantern, Deadpool, and Yacht Rock. (Bam Kapow)

Indie: "Bottomless Belly Button" creator offers additional commentary on his Toronto Comics Art Festival panel: "I thought [it] sucked." (Comics Comics)Manga: The behemoth Japanese manga publisher Kodansha is setting up shop in New York, and bringing books like "Akira" and "Ghost in the Shell" to American readers without the help of U.S. licensors. (The Beat)

TV: The acclaimed "Cerebus" creator and noted misogynist Dave Sim -- who has communicated with the outside world only via fax machine for years, and more recently not at all -- will be launching a web TV series called "Cerebus TV" with legendary Silver Age artist Jim Steranko. It'll make you say, "Ooo! Puppies!" (Bleeding Cool)

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