The Wolverine Blu-ray
20th Century Fox

Movies: The Wolverine will get an unrated DVD and Blu-ray on December 3. [ScreenCrush]


Batgirl Yvonne Craig

Toys: Yvonne Craig has has signed a deal with Warner Bros. allowing her likeness to be used as Batgirl in Batman '66 and Batgirl '67 merchandise. Expect about a million action figures and dolls in the near future. [ToyArk]


Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign
Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Gaming: Marvel's Ryan Penagos has announced that Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign will arrive on iOS and Android on October 3. [Agent M]


Sherlock Big Chief Studios 1/6 Scale Action Figures

Toys: Big Chief Studios' 1/6 scale BBC Sherlock toys will be available to preorder before long. [TNI]


Gundam Build Fighters


Anime: Bandai's new Gundam Build Fighters anime series will be streamed online with English subtitles at the GUNDAM.INFO portal following airing on TV in Japan. [JEFusion]


Julio's Day Cover Gilbert Hernandez

Booze: Scott Kirkpatrick has created a special cocktail in honor of Julio's Day by Gilbert Hernandez. [FLOG]

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