Threads: Ever since Disney bought Marvel, classic animated character designs have seemed like the best they were at what they did. [Threadless]

Digital: Arcana has joined the digital retail space with its own iPhone app via comiXology. [Robot6]

Crime: Batman's prevailed against the Joker, Two-Face and scores of others, but the lethal Lady Gaga could prove his most cunning costumed antagonist yet. [The Onion]

Video: Supersonic Man is a strange visitor from another world -- the world of 1980. [io9]

Gaming: When Freddie Wong takes on Katamari Damacy and loses, we all win. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Animation: If you've never seen Júlia Farkas' The Muscular Princess, now is as good a time as any to take the surreal tale in. [Drawn]

Promos: Dark Horse Comics is teasing an SDCC announcement with... a magical crescent roll? I like crescent rolls. [DH]

Gaming: If you're looking for extra super soldiering in your gaming this summer, Battlefield Heroes' new "Extraordinary Heroes" content may be for you. [Joystiq]

Movies: Conan the Barbarian gets intense in the film's new UK trailer. [SHH]

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