Toys: Square Enix will be releasing this limited-edition Batman figure at Comic-Con. Only 500 will be made, so get on it if you want to see more of this figure's very weird crotch. [ArcadeSushi]



Movies: Marvel's Ant-Man movie apparently has two new writers: Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer, who also did a script for Sabrina the Teenage Witch. [Latino Review]


Anime: Harmony Gold productions and producer Carl Macek are trying to raise $500,000 for a new Robotech series, Robotech Academy. [Kickstarter]


Video: Here's Batman rocking out to a cover of the Dethklok song "Face Fisted." He'd definitely do the punching, but not the killing. [Geeks Are Sexy]



Movies: This fan-made timeline of Marvel's movies is pretty doggone cool. [Tiki-Toki]



Manga: To commemorate its 20th anniversary, Dark Horse is releasing an omnibus edition of Oh My Goddess that will span 15 volumes. [AnimeNewsNetwork]

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