Though Marvel's been content to let its mobile games do all the heavy lifting when it comes to officially licensed video games set in the Marvel Universe as of late, it seems that a return to consoles isn't that far off. Today, Marvel announced a new partnership with Square Enix, along with Square's studios Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, to develop a new game dubbed The Avengers Project. While we don't know much about what it is just yet, we do know the two studios involved have a strong pedigree for action games, and this one will definitely feature the Avengers.

The teaser trailer hints at the involvement of the core four Avengers, including Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, and features narration from a mysterious woman discussing how the world will always need heroes, they just need to reassemble. The footage shows that the Hulk has broken out of containment, Mjolnir has fallen, Iron Man's armor is powered down, and Captain America's shield is stuck in rubble. What has happened to the Avengers in this world? Hopefully nothing too bad. It'd be a shame not to see those characters playable in some form on current consoles.

For what it's worth, these are the details Marvel and Square have decided to share today.

A game based on beloved Marvel heroes, The Avengers project is being crafted by Crystal Dynamics – longtime developers of the award winning Tomb Raider series – in collaboration with lauded Deus Ex developer Eidos-Montréal.

The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come.

Both Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have had a run of successful titles in the modern era, though neither has been a slouch in the past. The Tomb Raider reboot at Crystal Dynamics is one of the most exciting takes on one of gaming's iconic heroes we've seen in years, and the Deus Ex franchise has been a critical darling since falling into Eidos Montreal's hands. Both franchises also translated nicely to mobile as well, so we may see something like Avengers Go down the line, too.

Crystal taking the lead on this game bodes well for anyone looking forward to a third-person action title, and Eidos chipping in certainly warrants some thought about potential RPG elements that may be included. We just don't yet what kind of game is being crafted, but if any studios have earned the trust of fans over the past few years, these two are certainly at the top of the list.

On Marvel's part, the games the company has released on mobile and in the past have all featured varied casts, including longtime characters and newcomers alike. With a character roster that's as deep as it's ever been, that should give Crystal and Eidos plenty to work with. You can almost bet that anyone you've seen in the films, or will see in films by 2018, will be included. Here's hoping some of those that haven't been lucky enough to make the transition from print to the screen see some screentime in this game, too.

We'll learn more about The Avengers Project in 2018, which seems like a long way away, but for those of that have been waiting for a proper Marvel video game for a long time, maybe another year won't be so bad.



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