This year's Toy Fair didn't have much new on the horizon from Square Enix and its Play Arts line. For the past few years, Square's been busy delivering Variants and video game figures with a handful of movie characters sprinkled in along the way. All of those areas were still represented this year at Toy Fair, even if the pickings were a bit slimmer than we're used to seeing from the Japanese company. But it's hard to complain when there are new Final Fantasy VII figures on the way.

Cloud and Barret are the first two characters getting figures from the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, which shouldn't be confused with the recently released figures both characters got based on Advent Children. Both are ridiculously detailed, which is one of Square's calling cards with regards to its toys. Barret and Cloud have been immortalized numerous times in the past, but the two newest versions are miles above anything either has received in the past. Barret in particular has such gotten such an amazing sculpt, it's hard to imagine him ever getting anything better after this one releases at some indeterminate time in the future.

The only other truly new figures were the Batman: Arkham Knight versions of Nightwing and Batgirl. I still really dislike the mask Nightwing got in this sequel, but Square's done a nice job bringing Dick Grayson to life. The metallic fade on the blue portions of his armor look great, and all that articulation should allow you to get really creative with the posing if you've got ~$150 to spend. The Arkham Knight Batgirl is a marked improvement over the DC Variant version. I understand the whole premise behind that line was to create new interpretations of existing characters, but a proper Barbara Gordon with this kind of detail and articulation is a can't miss. Rocksteady's armor designs come through so well, and I can only imagine how much better this figure will look fully painted.

No new Variants were on display this year, and there was no new Marvel content at the show either, but that doesn't mean more isn't planned. We should see more of Square's Play Arts catalog later this year, and hopefully that includes some more Avengers.

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