Events: There's an exhibition called "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet: The Art of the Superhero," on display at the University of Oregon, where you can see 200 pieces of classic comics art, including "Superman #1." If that's not enough, they're also holding an academic conference called "Understanding Superheroes" this weekend, with discussion panels like "Being and Super-Beings: Existentialism, Temporality, and Eschatology," where you can hear CA's own Douglas Wolk talk about the End of the World. Oh, and Greg Rucka, Kurt Busiek and Gail Simone will be there too. I wish I could stop by, but I'll be too busy attending...

"Wonder Woman Day" at Excalibur Comics in Portland, Oregon! The event benefits several groups that support victims of domestic violence, and includes a silent art auction and signings by creators like Los Bros Hernandez and... "Wonder Woman" write Gail Simone, who is apparently the Wolverine of Portland comic book events.

Controversy: The Con Wars are heating up, as Wizard decided to hold its recently acquired Big Apple Con the same weekend as New York Comic-Con, using the tried-and-true teen sitcom method of event scheduling. It's a lot like watching the Condiment King declare war on Batman, and almost as entertaining, thanks to a war of words that finally made star Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis throw up his hands and decide to become Switzerland.TV: The 10 Greatest Moments in "Battlestar Galactica," including that time when Starbuck and Apollo made a boxing match look like 7 Minutes and Heaven, but with more punching. (Maxim)

Quotes: "Comics are everywhere, the ideoplasmic universe of human culture from its dawn to one second ago and up the line until the sun goes dark. Nothing but words and pictures: but they are what define the way we frame ideas and experiences. They do anything." - Warren Ellis