Movies: The Wonder Woman who appears in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will reportedly be "battle ready," with a sword, shield, spear and lasso. Her costume will look a lot like her comics costume, and will include a leather skirt, sources say. [JoBlo]


Video Games: Dragonball Z is experiencing quite the renaissance. A new video game in the franchise, called Xenoverse, will introduce an all-new character. [Crunchyroll]


Cars: The new Walking Dead special edition Hyundai Tucson comes with survival gear and stenciled-on clawing hands. Because who wouldn't want to think even more of imminent death all the time while driving? [Robot6]


Television: Danny Cannon, the director of Fox series Gotham's pilot episode, says he has a "big pitch" to bring Mr. Freeze into the show. [HitFix]


Anime: The trailer for the new, animated Attack on Titan movie, which is a repackaging of the TV anime, has hit the Web, and it's nuts. The movie comes out November 11. [AnimeNewsNetwork]


Video Games: According to the U.S. Microsoft store, Batman: Arkham Knight will be released February 24, 2015. [ArcadeSushi]