Animation: Cartoon Network has confirmed that the team from the canceled series Young Justice will make an appearance on Teen Titans Go! later this year. [Newsarama]


Movies:Avengers: The Age of Ultronblastr


Manga: Following legal threats from SNK Playmore for what it says is the unlicensed use of its characters, publisher Square Enix has voluntarily pulled Hi Score Girl from shelves. [Crunchyroll]


Animation: The LEGO Movie 2 will hit theaters May 26, 2017, and will presumably include the DC superheroes who were so prominent the first time around. [ScreenCrush]


Movies: Marvel has released a short blooper reel from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Samuel L. Jackson cusses in it. []


Television: The group One Million Moms is formally offended by Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder's new Adult Swim show, Black Jesus. So, you know, it's great publicity. [Gawker]