It's been nearly 16 years since Archie Andrews crossed paths with Marvel's gun-toting vigilante the Punisher. Needless to say, Riverdale's pure-hearted redhead's been long overdue for another superheroic crossover, but as announced by DC's The Source, the wait will finally be over this October as Little Archie meets Art Baltazar and Franco's Tiny Titans.

Little Archie and his gang from Riverdale are set to bump into Robin and his Teen Titans crew in Sidekick City when their respective downtowns mysteriously intersect. Unlike some past interdimensional mergings of DC's main storytelling universes, this all-ages adventure sounds like anything but a crisis, with DC promising an awesome and memorable read.

Are Baltazar and Franco excited? Are you kidding? Of course they are!

"Aw Yeah Titans!!! Aw Yeah Archie!!! Wow!" said Baltazar. "What an historic crossover of Golden Age proportions! When I was asked to design Little Archie characters for a possible crossover, I was speechless! This is HUGE! Historical! Two of the biggest and awesomest Comic Companies teaming up for the first time...EVER!!!! Its an honor to be part of the Crossover Event of the New Comic Millennium! AW YEAH All Ages All the TIME!!!"

See the full crossover cover image after the jump.

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