Even more concept art for the seemingly-dead live-action remake of Tatsuhiro Otomo's Akira has emerged online, with artist Rodolfo Dimaggio and Sylvain Despretz doing their best on an impossible gig. The new art follows two previous reveals of storyboard art from the project with three CGI cityscapes that give a sneak peak at what Neo Tokyo could have looked like had director Albert Hughes stayed with the movie, as well as some sketches imagining the potential abomination that could've been white Kaneda. Even though fans are glad this version of the movie is dead, it's nice to imagine these skilled artists could contribute to a more faithful live action film rooted in the original epic's inherently Japanese setting should the opportunity present itself. Take a look after the jump.

Rodolfo Dimaggio

Sylvain Despretz

[Via Crunchyroll]