After months and months of silence, the next Wolverine movie Logan is suddenly giving us new bits of informations by the day. We’ve learned that big bad Mister Sinister was confirmed a while back, and that Boyd Holbrook is playing Donald Pierce, the nefarious creator of the Reavers, relentless cyborgs engineered to hunt down mutants. Now, a new tidbit has surfaced: the name of the person whose hand is holding Hugh Jackman’s in the film’s official poster.

Bryan Singer has confirmed that the mutant X-23, Wolverine’s two-clawed clone daughter, will be involved in the film, and some news obtained by The Wrap pretty much nails that confirmation down. The hand in the poster is attached to a girl (played by Sienna Novikov) whose name is “Laura,” which should ring a bell with X-Men comics fans: Laura Kinney is mutant X-23’s real name.

The Wrap also learned that Richard E. Grant, who we thought would be playing Mister Sinister, is actually playing a different villain. This hasn’t been officially confirmed, but Grant’s character might be Dr. Zander Rice, the surgeon who was involved in the experiments that turned Wolverine into Wolverine, and later was in charge of the revived Weapon X project that created X-23. The Wrap’s source said that Mister Sinister would not be appearing in this movie, but Singer and producer Simon Kinberg had both said he is, so we’re not sure who to believe. Again, right now these are rumors, so he could end up being in the movie after all.

All will be revealed soon, as Logan hits theaters March 3, 2017.


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