Logan Faerber's art drips and stretches with a shocking amount of finesse. It's easy to get carried away with exaggerated proportions, and many artists do; but Faerber sets himself apart with his vivid, looney interpretations of Harry Potter and Thor. His shapes twist with the kind of organic curls you'll see in Craig Thompson's books, and Faerber knows how to etch in those sharp, creepy, hair-shaped white spaces that make Charles Burns' work so chilling.Just check out Faerber's high-quality doodles on his Tumblr account to see him in action. Even Breaking Dawn stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart look spookier when he draws them.

Most horrifying of all in Faerber's work, however, is the tragedy that Ghost Rider experiences when finds out how difficult eating ice cream can be when your head happens to be on fire.

Experience the pain and appreciate a few samples of Faerber's wonderful art below.