Since the earliest news that James Mangold would direct a spinoff about Wolverine surfaced, anticipation has been high. But even as the film gained a cast, a title, a release date, and a trailer, the many fans impatiently awaiting Logan didn’t know what the film was about, not really anyway. It was understood from the jump that Mangold had drawn influence from Mark Millar’s fan-favorite run of Wolverine comics titled “Old Man Logan” for the film. Even then, however, public knowledge of its premise was spotty at best beyond “Hugh Jackman, long in the tooth, prowls around a post-apocalyptic future.”

Today, Jackman himself posted an image to his Twitter account, simply captioned “Official.” By the looks of it, the worn-looking jpeg is the one true synopsis of the upcoming film, breaking it down for us in broad strokes (that are, ultimately, still maddeningly vague).

The bare-bones plot sounds like a sort of Assault on Precinct 13 sort of deal, with our heroes posted up in a single-location stronghold as waves of enemies descend on them. The bit about “a young mutant” and Logan’s legacy refer pretty clearly to newcomer X-23, mythologized in the comic books as a clone of Wolverine in the form of a young girl. (The trailer all but confirms this.) The “dark forces” mention seems like a nod to Boyd Holbrook’s already-announced character Donald Pierce, the leader of the mutant-killing team of criminal automatons known as the Reavers. Altogether, the official plot outline doesn‘t blow anything wide open, but rather cements into fact that which was previously assumed. Either way, it still looks pretty darned good. Logan will snikt! into theaters on March 3 after debuting at the Berlin Film Festival in February.


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