Less than a month now separates us from the premiere of Logan, and the nationwide nerd conniptions that it’s sure to induce. Those of us down for a quick trip to Berlin could theoretically get an earlier look, but the rest of us will have to make do with the virtues of patience. At least 20th Century Fox has made it a little easier on the rest of us commoners by running a minute-long clip from the film during the Super Bowl last night, and teasing some typically smart-mouthed repartee from the lovable mutant.

“Just a guy telling you to get back in your nice truck and go play Okie Dickhead somewhere else.” That’s how Logan introduces himself when a trio of gun-toting tough guys attempt to push him and his companion off of a tract of land. It’s a tense showdown that erupts into sudden violence, with the coup de grace of star Hugh Jackman snapping a gun over his knee like a dry tree branch. It’s no surprise that the three men go running scared in short order. This here’s Wolverine country.

How this scene will fit into the larger framework of the movie remains unclear, however. The identity of Logan’s buddy is cloudy, with the thugs referring to the man as “Mr. Munson.” But hey, maybe that’s the mark of a good trailer — it gives you a feel for the tone and look of a film (stark and dry, both in landscape and humor) without giving away any possible spoilers. Director James Mangold co-authored the script with Michael Green and Scott Frank, and if the rest of their screenplay has the same tense Western man-of-few-words gravitas as this scene, we could be looking at one fine film.


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