You're probably tired of hearing it, but yeah, "New Moon" is out. As much as you may or may not care (or pretend not to - I know at least a few of you are seeing it!) there is one crazy comic connection you must learn in order to fully appreciate the cultural significance engulfing our plane of existence this weekend.

Turns out before he got his hands on the sparkly vampire gold, "New Moon" director Chris Weitz wrote a screenplay with his brother Paul for New Line Cinema based on the then-optioned Badrock - Rob Liefeld's craggiest Youngblooder. Things didn't work out due to budgetary constraints and timing issues, but it's a bit fascinating to consider what could have been.

MTV Splash Page's Rick Marshall got the word straight from Liefeld, who explained the circumstances behind what could have been and what may happen to the unused script in the future. It's an interesting read for sure, especially since it could translate into a new comic.

"I've followed the careers of both Weitz brothers with great enthusiasm, and they have proven over and over again how ridiculously talented they are. I believe this is the only script they wrote that has not been produced. I'll probably adapt their "Badrock" script as a comic book in the next year: 'Badrock: The Comic Book Adaptation Of The Movie That Never Was,'" Liefeld told MTV News.

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