Lorelay Bove worked as a visual development artist on Wreck-It Ralph (and she illustrated the extremely adorable Wreck-It Ralph Little Golden Book), and there's a clear love for early Disney animation in her personal work as well. Whether she's creating scenes with the classical Aphrodite or making portraits of more modern goddesses--or designing posters for the great works of Mr. Alfred Hitchcock--Bove evokes the strong sense of shape and color that are hallmarks of early Disney design.
After interning at Pixar, Bove signed on as a development artist at Disney, where she's worked on Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Prep and Landing and, of course, Wreck-It-Ralph. There's a clear Mary Blair influence in her work, but Bove approaches it with an especially strong sense of expressiveness and movement. You can see more of her work from her recent Gallery Nucleus show, where you can also buy some of her artwork.

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