Here's a fun fact for you: Despite my well-known love of Draculas, I have never actually seen The Lost Boys. It's been recommended to me a dozen times over the years owing to my interest in both supernatural haints and terrible '90s teens, but since it was always checked out of my local Blockbuster Video back in when I was myself a '90s teen (ask your parents, kids), I never had the formative experience of seeing it when I was in the target audience.

But now, I might just have the chance to fix that oversight. Last month, The Lost Boys moved into comics with a sequel from the team of Tim Seeley and Scott Godlewski, bringing me one step closer to learning all about the Frog brothers who, as I understand it, had a real hard time fighting Vampire Bill From Bill and Ted.

Check out an exclusive preview below to see how everything's coming together!



Here's the official solicitation:


Written by TIM SEELEY

The comic book sequel to everyone’s favorite blood-and-fangs flick continues. The Frog Bros. have a beef with the new vampires in town, and now they’re on an unholy mission to show the Blood Belles that they picked the wrong turf to try to set up shop. Will these teenage boys be any match for the deadliest undead ladies to ever terrorize Santa Carla? We think you know the answer to that, Death Breath!

On sale NOVEMBER 9 • 32 pg, FC, 2 of 6, $3.99 US • MATURE READERS