Louie, the FX show created and produced by comedian Louis C.K., ranks right up there with Dan Harmon's Community as one of the most innovative comedies on TV today. As such, when I initially saw this brilliant video mash-up of Louie and the Peanuts gang, with Louie as Charlie Brown, my first thought was that it could easily be a clip from the show itself. Anyone familiar with the series knows that Louie is perpetually down on his luck, awkward with ladies, and a borderline depressed cynic who fails at nearly everything he attempts to do. Basically, he's a grown up Charlie Brown, with red hair and a quick wit.

In the video below -- created by the folks at Animation Domination High Def -- Louie/Charlie Brown goes back to his old neighborhood for a holiday visit, and interacts with adult versions of the Peanuts gang. And just as you would expect, it is a truly angst filled experience.

And really, isn't that what the holidays are all about?

(Via the A.V. Club)

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