Given that they're completely identical with the exception of their favorite colors and pretty interchangeable in terms of personality, I know a lot of people out there can have a pretty difficult time telling Donald Duck's three nephews apart. I myself used to have the same difficulty, but then I came across a useful mnemonic that --- while it might sound pretty vague --- has legit helped me to remember ever since I came across it: Dewey is blue, like the dew, Louie is green like a leaf, and that leaves Huey to have a bright red hue.

Now you can tell them apart, which is good, because it would be a shame if you picked up the pretty amazing looking box set from Hero Cross, which is up right now for pre-order, and didn't know which was which.


Hero Cross (Click for full size)


The box set comes as part of the Hero Cross line of "Hybrid Metal Figuration" figures, joining their unca Donald as part of the line of Disney figures. And while you can purchase them separately, getting the box set means that you also get some additional accessories for the previously released Donald to help recreate your favorite Carl Barks or Don Rosa adventures:


Hero Cross


Here's the official word:

Herocross’s interpretation of Huey, Dewey & Louie perfectly captures their active and lively personality, with the sense of mischief fully preserved in the interchangeable faces, beaks and eyes. Furthermore, the inclusion of various accessories allows for the perfect replication of their activities in the comics. The Hybrid metal technology provides a robust structure for the products, facilitating for a wide variety of poses.

The HMF#308 boxset not only includes the 3 brothers and their respective accessories, but also contains exclusive accessories such as a Special Edition pair of hands for Donald Duck (HMF#006).

For more information and to pre-order one yourself, check out Herocross's website.

And hey, those accessories include interchangeable faces! How does that work, I wond--


Hero Cross