The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a weird-looking crowd, which makes a lot of sense when you consider that they're teenagers, mutants, ninjas and turtles, all of which are traditionally pretty weird-looking groups. They've got the weird shaped heads, the blocky three-fingered hands, and then there's the part where they'er wearing clothes, but only belts, elbowpads and kneepads. But what if --- and bear with me here because it's a pretty radical idea --- they looked a little weirder?

That seems to be the design philosophy behind a new set of action figures from HeroCross, which give the TMNT a slightly different set of proportions, including much larger heads. And as an added bonus, they've got the best name of any action figure line I've ever seen: HYBRID METAL FIGURATION.



There's no release date set yet for these figures, but we do know that the first one will be Donatello, which is a bold choice. I mean, usually, you want to get your Michelangelo and Raphael out there first, and then once people have committed to buying the whole set, that's when you bring out Donnie and Leo, right? Right.

But I kid --- for all that the big-head design makes him seem like a theme-park mascot version of Donatello, this figure's actually really cool. The name comes from the fact that there's a good amount of die-cast metal in there, and the interchangeable head, hands and ooze canister are pretty good accessories.



Along with the release date, we're still waiting on a price point, but one assumes that it'll set you back a pretty penny for the six-inch figure. The DC characters in this line have typically retailed for around $90 so you should expect that as a minimum baseline for the TMNT figures.