As we head towards Valentine's Day, ComicsAlliance is offering up a daily tribute to love, as depicted in the somewhat dubious world of Romance Comics! Today's entry: Our Love Story #25's "The Loves of a Model!"

From 1973 Stan Lee and Don Heck bring you yet another dubious classic with the story of Bev, a beautiful young model who, according to the first page of the story, likes to sit around looking at pictures of herself.

Even aside from the crippling narcissism, though, Bev has problems. She's torn between two lovers, flamboyant photographer Don -- complete with regulation moustache and medallion -- and straitlaced Paul, who is doing part-time male modeling to pay his way through med school. I'll give you three guesses which one turns out to be the right choice.

But for Bev, it's not that simple. In fact, she's so stressed out her high-fashion love triangle that she ends up losing herself in the sin of gluttony!

That's right, you guys: She's eating like there's no tomorrow. An ENTIRE SANDWICH and HALF AN APPLE. The results of her wanton feasting are, of course, immediate and devastating:

I almost didn't show this panel because it's so horrifying, but it's important for the rest of the story that you see the price her body pays for her lack of willpower:


But in the end, she rejects Don's absolute disgust that she's ballooned up to an almost imperceptibly larger version of "waifish," and decides that she'd be happier with Paul. Because he told he he didn't care if she got fat.

Romance Comics!

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