If you were wondering whether the existence of a Jem movie and an impeding Gallery Edition hardcover of The Dark Knight Returns were in fact evidence that I had gained mysterious, reality-warping powers that allow me to control the world as we know it, yes. Yes I have. I am master of reality now. I mean, how else can you explain the fact that last night, Magneto showed up to challenge Wolverine to a battle on WWE's Monday Night Raw?

Okay, admittedly: It was actually professional wrestler (and Intellectual Savior of the Masses) Damien Sandow, in cosplay, confronting X-Men: Days of Future Past movie star Hugh Jackman, who responded by busting out a pretty sweet wrestling move. Still, that's close enough, and by "close enough," I mean it was the greatest thing I have ever seen.

On the off chance that you need some background, this actually Jackman's second appearance on Raw. A few years ago, he was "hosting" the show, which was a vague, nebulous position that allowed for pop culture celebrities to swing by and promote their movie while scuffling with professional grapplers. In Jackman's case, his antagonist du jour was Dolph Ziggler, the gentleman in the pink shirt who's also in the ring referring to his hair color as "super rad." Back then, Ziggler was more of a villain than he is today, and ended up getting punched out by Jackman after repeatedly referring to him as "Batman." It was pretty delightful.

For some reason, Jackman did not appear on Raw to promote Les Miserables.

The video above likely speaks for itself, but it's worth noting that there are so, so many amazing things going on, including Sandow suddenly (and inexplicably) believing himself to actually be Magneto and possess powers of Magnetism, the existence of MAGNET SOUNDS, and, perhaps the greatest moment in the history of the King of Sports, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman claiming that he has "fought the real Magneto."

Truly, this is the best of all possible worlds.


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