We've highlighted a few videos from Man At Arms, the web series where master swordsmith Tony Swatton recreates famous weaponry from movies and TV before, but to be honest, they're not usually my thing. Don't get me wrong, it's super neat to see the forging process that goes into recreating, say, Thor's hammer, and I can certainly appreciate the craftsmanship, but that's about it. Unless, of course, you tell me that they have made a real life Pokémon, in which case I am suddenly very interested.

That's what happens in the latest installment, where Swatton and his team recreate Honedge, the sentient sword that was introduced to gamers in Pokémon X and Y, and it's pretty awesome. Check out the video below!



Longtime ComicsAlliance readers will no doubt recall that I have been super stoked about Honedge since day one, because it is a floating sentient sword that grows up to become two swords (and can then further grow up to become a sword and a shield, which is a little weird, but just roll with it) that is sent out by a 10-year-old to battle lions made of fire. That is an accurate description of what happens in Pokémon, which is why I have a very hard time understanding why anyone wouldn't like it.

One thing the video doesn't cover, though, is how they managed to construct a sword out of steel and aluminum with a fully painted leather banner that can also fit into a Pokéball. I mean, if they've got that kind of technology, they probably should've put that in the video.

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