Just say, for example, you happen to have a set of replica Wolverine claws in your possession. Do you (a) keep them in a place of prized possession, admiring them from afar except for the occasional use during cosplay every now and again, or (b) use them against a roommate, who also happens to be dating your mother? One Utah resident allegedly made the wrong choice, with horrific consequences.19-year-old Kristopher Ryan Huff has been charged with aggravated assault after using the replica claws in conjunction with a knife to attack his roommate on August 8. "He sustained probably five to six wounds to his head, and two to his arm," police sergeant Vance Norton said of the victim of the assault that took place in Vernal, adding that he also had "multiple defense wounds on his hands, and one real deep wound to his thigh." According to a report by local news station KSL TV, Huff's mother was also injured in the attack, being stabbed in the left arm as she tried to separate the two.

Huff was released after posting $10,000 bail, and awaits a court appearance on September 10.

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