I think we've all had a time in our lives when we wish we had Wolverine's claws, right? I mean, sometimes you just get so frustrated that you just really need the ability to stab something with six razor-sharp Adamantium claws from your knuckles, like when you're stuck in traffic, or when a giant racist robot kills your best friend Morph. We've all been there. The thing is, all of us haven't gone out to the garage to build a fully working set of Wolverine claws that both pop and retract.

That's because all of us are not Colin Furze, whose demented mechanical genius has led him to be best known for souping up a mobility scooter to get speeds of 70 miles per hour. Over the past few days, he's launched into a series of "DIY X-Men" projects, starting with the Wolverine's claws.

The great thing about this video is that there are exactly zero moments where Furze is explaining how the claws work and how he built them. It's just straight up a dude running around his workshop feeling the sheer joy of being able to pop and retract Wolverine claws -- running, I might add, that is extremely inadvisable under the circumstances.

If, however, you're curious about how he managed to do it, here's the full 10-minute video explaining the project:



As he mentions in the video, Furze's are the first DIY Wolverine claws that we've seen that can retract as well as deploy, which is pretty cool. Although, I gotta say, if you see this dude rocking a heavy jacket and a backpack, maybe just turn around and go somewhere else that day.