Science: Inventor Colin Furze's magnetic shoes aren't quite as powerful as, well, anything Magneto can do, but they're a start. [Colin Furze]


Movies: The CG animated Captain Harlock film, Harlock: Space Pirate, will arrive on Netflix in the United States on August 1. [Netflix]



Toys: Iron Man will join Kaiyodo's Revolmini line on August 25. [ToyArk]


Smells: New Attack on Titan perfume surprisingly wasn't made to smell of perspiration, tears and death. [ANN]


Gaming: Symbiotes aplenty are coming to Marvel: Avengers Alliance in the game's new "Symbiosis" Special-Ops. [Marvel]


Toys: Medicom will be giving Kamen Rider W's Cyclone Joker form the Real Action Heroes treatment in February of 2015. [Medicom]