Busy as Man of Action is with Ultimate Spider-Man, Ben 10, Generator Rex and other animated properties, the multimedia collective founded by Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, Duncan Rouleau and Steven T. Seagle has several more projects in the pipeline relating to the group's comic book roots according to The Hollywood Reporter. A live action film based on Rouleau's five-issue Image series The Great Unknown is currently being developed with Mark Gordon Productions (Grey's Anatomy, Saving Private Ryan), while Seagle and artist Stefano Gaudiano's six-issue Image book Kafka is in development for a TV series with the Kenneth Branagh Co. Casey, artist Jim Mahfood and producer Scott Mosier's original animated series (not based on an earlier comic, but Casey and Mahfood did team with Ziggy Marley for Marijuanaman) Disco Destroyer, which has been in the pipeline for awhile, is also trucking along and will arrive online and potentially on MTV's on-air networks in the near future.Each of the stories seem particularly suited for their pending translations. The Great Unknown works as a self-contained sci-fi tale fit for film, with Kafka is a thriller told over the course of six separate days, making it sensical for TV serialization. Specifically created for TV, Disco Destroyer will apparently indulge what Casey calls his own "twisted" sensibilities. Fans who've kept up on his comic book career can probably dig on the NSFW-ness the animated series will likely employ.

If all of these projects seem like a pretty massive workload, it's because it is. Casey's characterization of the Man of Action workflow makes it seem like it's a rewarding endeavor, though, telling THR, "We're a rock 'n' roll band who records together while simultaneously recording multiple solo albums." I, for one, accept this metaphor as long as Man of Action promises to never pull a "Chris Gaines."

[Via THR]

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