If the spoilery nature of the Man of Steel toy commercials that leaked back in October didn't scratch your itch for early looks at Mattel's Superman movie merchandise, then a new eBay auction promising a "Movie Superman 3.75" Prototype" may prove enticing. The toy depicts Supes wearing some out-of-the-ordinary, possibly Kryptonian-flavored armor, although it may just be imagined for the action figure line (like Batman's scores of strange The Dark Knight Rises toy outfits, for example) and not part of the movie. In any case, it's fun to get an early look at what might be on toy shelves when Man of Steel arrives in theaters on June 14... if you're not still mad about Superman's scaly suit, that its. You can see the potentially spoiler-y Man of Steel 3.75" action figure prototype image, along with images of a different 6.5" figure prototype, after the cut.

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3.75" Man of Steel Prototype

6.5" Man of Steel Prototype

[Via Toy Ark]

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