Jonathan Hickman and his Red Wing collaborator Nick Pitarra tease their first Image Comics ongoing series, The Manhattan Projects, the true story of the top secret work that the atomic bomb was just covering up. Check out (and feel free to share) the two brand new teasers below, which were created especially for ComicsAlliance readers.

Speaking last year with ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims, Hickman described The Manhattan Projects as an alternate history revealing the real story (not really) behind the actual Manhattan Project, which produced the world's first atomic bomb. "The atomic program, was like a cover for all the crazier, cooler experiments that were going on -- all the other Manhattan Projects, which is where the 'S' comes from," Hickman said. "It's bad scientists -- like the Thunderbolts of science." The Manhattan Projects stars J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, Yuri Gagarin and Albert Einstein, among other real-life characters including President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Issue #1 goes on sale March 7 and can be pre-ordered now from your local comics shop as well as from online retailers like Things From Another World.

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