Fans of classic Silver Age Marvel covers and the work of Tim Sale should like what they see when they open up Marc Basile's portfolio of work. In addition to recovering The Incredible Hulk #1 for the Recovered Blog recently, he's also toyed around with the story concepts from the first five Marvel books he remembers buying when he was 12. The results are as visually interesting as they are heartwarming.Basile clearly has a fondness for old Kirby-era faces and compositions from the King's time at Marvel. You can tell that much from looking at the first page of entries on his official blog. From The Living Mummy to Modred the Mystic, there seems to be a lot of love in his heart for some of Marvel's less recognized characters.

He handles some of the better-known Marvels as well, though, including the Fantastic Four, for whom he has envisioned a children's book. Check it out and see if you'd read a Basile book to your kids down below.

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