Marcelo Braga plants familiar characters in slightly offbeat situations. Liara T'Soni plays Mass Effect while seated on the Iron Throne. A middle-aged Charlie Brown can't let go of Snoopy. The Hulk hits Batman with an Avengers cream pie and zombie Oompa Loompas walk the Earth. Braga's illustrations have a great deal of affection for the original characters, but adds more than a touch of goofiness with his odd ideas and exaggerated expressions.One of the conceptual projects Braga is working on is Smurf Wars, a parody story in which the Smurfs finally defeat Gargamel and Azrael once and for all, only to turn on one another after the death of Papa Smurf. Braga has thought about turning Smurf Wars into a full-length graphic novel, but in the meantime, we can enjoy all the silly mashups and reimaginings on his website.

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