Dear Marching Band Director of Towson University, I don't know whether this was your idea or whether you just decided to go along with it, but either way, thank you for making it possible for a marching band to play the theme song to "Cowboy Bebop" at a sporting event. You have made my day.

If you've never seen "Cowboy Bebop," please try to imagine a dazzling fusion of sci-fi, noir, martial arts, cyberpunk, space opera, jazz, yakuza, romance, horror, and comedy. In short, it is the best anime I have ever seen, and the soundtrack (largely from Yoko Kanno with additions from The Seatbelts) is practically a character onto itself, so hearing a bunch of college kids bring it to life on a football field over a decade after the series ended is a little like stumbling across a photograph of an old friend.

Watch the band bring the "Cowboy Bebop" theme song "Tank!" to life with a full band and a crapload of vibraphones, after the jump.