It turns out that our old friend Marcio Takara doesn't just draw tiny heroes. He makes big ones as well. And they are gorgeous. He's got an approach to Supergirl, The Avengers and Spider-Woman that's somewhere between Adam Hughes and Cliff Chiang, opting for clean, decisive lines, but he keeps his surfaces curvy with soft colors.
Whether he's overloading a group shot with Justice League members or focusing on a standalone Wonder Woman pinup, Takara's figures are full of tight shapes and emotive facial details. You'll find a wide range of examples on his website at, and if you still need more, he's got a deviantART account as well.

His X-Men group shot and Deadpool are pretty darn stunning, so you may want to considering adding him to your convention sketch want list in the near future. Keep an eye out for him in Canada and in our highlight reel below.