There are a million graphic designers who might fancy themselves mashup mavens, but let's be real: most of them can't compete with the lines or gags of Marco D'Alfonso. Mashups are, after all, deceptively simple. Thing + Other thing = Ironic t-shirt, right? Not if you want to be dope! Rather than Frankensteining two concepts or character together for a mere chuckle, D'Alfonso makes the effort to hone in on two subjects' underlying chemistry for well-composed and expertly colored artwork that's just plain exciting. Popping Ghost Rider on Kaneda's motorcycle isn't something you chuckle at, for example -- it's rad to see. If you're looking for gags, though, the artist has you covered as well. "The Walking Deadpool" is a deadpan hoot, Squirrel Girl meeting a certain Disney duo is dynamite, and D'Alfonso has come up with what's easily the greatest Green Lantern construct (by Hal Jordan, no less) of all time. Did you know you wanted to see Blue Beetle and Booster Gold acting as puppeteers for Burt and Ernie? You do.

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