Superheroes like the Hulk and Wonder Woman never looked quite as fit as they do exercising in Maris Wicks' sketch work. She draws with a light, thoughtful quality that combines Chris Ware-like precision and simplicity with a kind of Alec Longstreth-meets-Kate Beaton air of rag-doll physics and whimsy.
Wicks' sketch subjects always seem to be getting a workout, whether she's drawing Kitty Pryde out rollerskating, Thor teeing it up for a round of golf or Steve Rogers getting some air as he goes up to grab a frisbee. These beauties and Spider-Man concentrating on his minigolf putt can be found her blog at DotsforEyes.

The Hulk looks the most peaceful here by far, however, getting his yoga on. He's likely leaving the strenuous task of crafting a Hulk-sized mat to his alter-ego Bruce Banner, though.

Behold a selection of Wicks' work below:

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